Healthcare Hiring Agency Works Alongside The NHS To Fill Staff Roles

Healthcare hiring agency work plays a vital role in keeping staff quotas filled within the NHS and ensuring the demand for high quality specialists is met. It is important to know and understand just how crucial this interplay between the two organisations is. This article will provide a brief overview of how this works.

Most of the health services in the UK are provided by the NHS and they are all free at the point of delivery to patients. The NHS has an enormous workforce, numbering almost 1.5 million, and so naturally healthcare recruitment agencies are employed to fill a large proportion of these roles. A full range of disciplines are covered by the hiring process. Doctors and nursing staff make up the highest percentage of employees; with scientific researchers and therapeutic practitioners being the next highest. Candidates typically have a large number of recruitment agencies to choose from, as the NHS can’t manage the overwhelming demand for recruiting staff internally. The NHS is the largest single employer in all of Europe and so the assistance of health care agencies in procuring and distributing staff is absolutely essential. Due to the highly challenging nature of healthcare work, recruitment agencies have to maintain very high standards when it comes to which candidates to accept and pass on for work and placement opportunities. The two parties, the NHS and their recruitment partners, work together to enable the health service to flourish and meet the needs of its patients.

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