Nurse Recruitment Is The Cornerstone Of All Healthcare Recruitment

Nurse recruitment constitutes a large proportion of all healthcare recruitment work and so agencies that deal with such qualified staff have to know what to look for. Nursing in the UK and European health sectors is a high volume occupation and there are millions of people who apply for permanent and temporary positions annually.

A recruitment company is faced with a myriad of applications from hopeful candidates on a daily basis. They therefore have to have exacting procedures in place to judge who is best suited to meeting the requirements and challenges of such a job. One of the main goals of healthcare recruitment agencies is to ensure that they find compassionate candidates prepared to dedicate their time and resources to benefit others. It is this dedication to the wellbeing of the sick in our society that is perhaps the most fundamental quality required of nursing staff. Clearly, appropriate qualifications or completion of access level degrees or apprenticeships is also expected as standard. Moreover, there will often be an emphasis placed on the experience a nursing candidate has, be it working in a private home, a hospital or clinic. Solid prior experience is not just a key indicator of employability but also of the dedication and compassion previously mentioned. Nursing recruitment agencies will also look to see what areas candidates specialise in, as it is in their best interests to have as a wide a variety of skill sets as possible so they have flexibility to offer their clients.

Our team here at KPI Care truly value the nurses and other health professionals we recruit for positions in what is the most exacting and important of environments, the health service. We aim only to supply the best and are at the forefront of nurse recruitment. If you are a nurse looking for a new role or an employer needing to fill a vacancy, call us on 0161 6947696 or visit our website,