Nurse Staffing Agencies Employ A Wide Variety Of Nurses

Nurse staffing agencies vet, train and distribute more nurses than any other category of healthcare worker. Comprising the largest group of workers in the NHS and private sectors, nurses administer medical care to patients on a phenomenal scale, and there are a number of different settings this work could take place in.

The category of Registered Nurse (RN) is probably the most common of all classifications within the nursing community, with Registered General Nurses and Registered Sick Children’s Nurses also being very common specialisations for nurses in the UK. Within the public and private sectors, healthcare recruitment agencies will work to fill permanent, temporary and contract positions and ensure that patient support is distributed evenly and effectively. Nursing recruitment agencies can supply staff for a number of work environments, including NHS hospitals and clinics, private medical practices, NHS trusts, nursing homes and many others. The duties of nurses in the healthcare industry will be many and varied, but some typical obligations will be assessing patients’ initial condition, regulating medication, keeping reliable records and providing support to the families of patients. In all of these duties, a nurse is expected to possess a calm and caring manner so that they can develop a strong sense of trust with their patient and make the application of medical care as pleasant as possible. Nursing candidates have a choice of applying through a recruitment agency that distributes to both the public and private healthcare sectors, or they may wish to go for an agency that specialises in one or the other.

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