Nurse Staffing For Specialist Care Such As Epilepsy

Nurse staffing involves providing nursing staff to assist patients with a myriad of different conditions and illnesses, not only to treat but to help manage these conditions. For instance, there are thousands of people across the country who receive help from nursing staff due to conditions such as epilepsy which require many different care needs.

Patients experience epilepsy to different degrees and it can affect many areas of their lives. Therefore, the requirements from the nursing staff who treat them can vary greatly and must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Some of the duties specialist epilepsy nurses may be required to perform range from assisting patients with setting a routine for taking Anti-Epileptic Medication to keeping them safe during a seizure or providing emergency first aid until an ambulance team arrives. On a more day-to-day basis, tasks may involve things like taking patients to appointments, helping take notes, helping them with strenuous leisure activities, like swimming, and adapting their home lifestyle to minimise the risk of a seizure. It is the role of healthcare recruitment agencies to understand the demands of conditions like epilepsy so that they can choose appropriately from the many different healthcare operatives on their books when a particular vacancy needs to be filled. Nursing recruitment agencies must also be constantly searching for new individuals who are specialists in epilepsy to be able to assist their clients by finding the best person for each job that arises.

Whether you are an organisation recruiting for nurses for epileptic patients or as an individual to support for someone you love who’s affected by the condition, rest assured that at KPI Care our nurse staffing is second to none. We uphold the highest standards so that you can pass these onto your patients. Contact us on 0161 6947696 or visit our website,, to find out more.