Nursing Recruitment UK Wide - How Applications Are Vetted

Nursing recruitment UK wide is an ongoing process. The turnover of staff and the creation of new vacancies means that some organisations are almost constantly seeking new staff. This can be labour intensive and result in delays while applicants are checked for suitability. Fortunately, professional nursing recruitment companies can help.

Applicants will usually apply online to request a call-back and from there the process of vetting and selecting those suitable for the work will begin. A recruitment agency will have a team of consultants, usually with up-to-date expertise in the healthcare sector and nursing in particular, who will go through applications to assess who will be called back. From here, healthcare recruitment agencies will screen and interview these chosen candidates in person. If you go for a highly professional and reliable recruitment company, the interview process will be necessarily rigorous. Nursing roles are critical to both private and public sector healthcare providers and there is usually a high volume of applicants. All need to be suitably scrutinised for their own welfare and for the welfare of those patients they will be looking after if successful. For those who pass the interview, the nursing recruitment agencies will then take up references to check qualifications and suitability for the roles they have on offer. All of the hiring and selection stages will be carried out by the recruitment agency in line with General Medical Council (GMC) regulations. Good recruiters have the resources and the ability to carry this process out in the shortest possible time, to ensure your role is filled as quickly as possible.

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