RN Staffing Agency Procedures - How Your Application Will Progress

RN staffing agency employment can be a wonderful stepping stone to new job opportunities and provide invaluable experience if you wish to further your career as a registered nurse. But inevitably, as nursing is a very responsible occupation in which ethical and professional standards are high, rigorous procedures are in place during the recruitment process.

Prior to being accepted by nursing recruitment agencies, you will undergo a thorough screening process. This involves licence verification; assessing certificates and qualifications you have received; gathering an inventory of your skills; criminal background checks; and the checking of references. A trained and experienced consultant at the agency will be designated to conduct an interview for each prospective candidate, focusing on work history, clinical expertise and results of pre-employment tests. Candidates will also be briefed on the policies and company procedures of client institutions, as successful candidates will often be posted to jobs with these clients upon completion of their orientation with the recruitment company. Placement of employees will be managed between healthcare recruitment agencies and their clients. The client will ultimately accept employees for specific jobs based on their assessment of what their patients need and whether they believe the candidate put forward by the recruiter can do this job. Those applicants who are unsuccessful at this stage will remain on the recruitment company’s database to be considered for other roles as they arise. These are a few of the practices you can expect when you sign up for a nurse staffing agency.

At KPI Care, we pride ourselves on being a thorough yet supportive RN staffing agency. We do not aim only to offer our healthcare clients the best candidates for the roles, though. We also place great emphasis on the career goals and aspirations of the nurses on our books. If our work sounds appealing to you, find us online at http://kpicare.co.uk/ or call us on 0161 6947696 to speak to one of our team.