Join KPI

Looking for an exciting career in Recruitment?

Be Happy!

At KPI Recruiting we look for genuinely 'nice people' to join our teams. Our main focus is not on sales, targets or fancy charts and reports but on delivering the best service we can to both our clients and our work seekers.

The most important ingredient to delivering an outstanding service is having the right people.  We ensure our recruiters are happy!  Who genuinely believe we are the best!

We want people with personality, passion and smiley faces!  After all people buy from people as they say.


We have a very low turnover of staff for a good reason.  We look after the people that make us who we are.

We enjoy nice working environments, in a relaxed atmosphere, with peers who share the same work ethic.

Its easy to plan ahead when you have a stable team around you.  It's easy to enjoy work!

Praise and Reward

Although we enjoy recruitment and would probably all do it just for the love of it, we also like to get the praise and rewards we deserve for our hard work and achievements.

Right from the start, each employee is given a career progression plan with a matrix of training and experience objectives to ensure that we are all advancing our careers and earning potential.  It's good to have a clear plan and an achievable career target!

We pay and reward as a team, ensuring we utilise each individual's skills where they are best suited and not assuming we are all good at everything.  Together we are the best!

Why join us?

I was a little unsure about joining, I had previously worked for a large national agency and had been planted the seed of stability and 'national' meant safe from my previous employers.

Although I had great training from the national agency I felt like I was a number and not genuinely part of a team or with realistic career progression opportunities for the speed in which I wished to progress.

I took the leap and I am now a divisional manager!  I am earning way more than I could have achieved at the national.  I am happy.  I enjoy going to work!  It's such a nice, relaxed atmosphere with no sales targets to achieve.  We are all like-minded, self-motivated people, it just works!